Bay of Plenty

Bay of Plenty

The Bay of Plenty, explore, discover and delight – it is our absolute pleasure to welcome you.

Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Welcome to the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

Ours is a place of positive energy; a rich coastal paradise. Where cultures embrace and the natural generosity of our people is as abundant as our fertile land and open seas. Where else in New Zealand can you kayak across a lake to see a canyon shine with glow worms after dark? Or step foot on an active marine volcano? Here you can explore bush-clad islands, admire waterfalls, glimpse unique wildlife, be utterly pampered and relax on white-sand beaches. 

Bay of Plenty - Mt Maunganui lower track
Bay of Plenty

We’re also home to two marine reserves and 24 coastal islands for you to dive and explore.

Head inland and deep into the central North Island, where you will find the Whirinaki Te Pua-a-Tāne Conservation Park; 56,000-ha of old-growth native forest that acclaimed British botanist David Bellamy described as one of the great forests of the world.

The surfer’s spirit runs through the Bay of Plenty like a warm breeze. The sun, surf and sand have shaped our relaxed lifestyle and are at the heart of the Bay of Plenty experience.

“The Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.”

It’s in our nature

Bay of Plenty

Home first only to Māori people, the Bay of Plenty connects New Zealand to its origins. This is the landing place of the Mātaatua waka, one of the founding canoes that first brought Māori to these shores almost 1,000 years ago.

Named the ‘Bay of Plenty’ by English explorer Captain James Cook after noticing abundant food supplies in local Māori villages, our warm climate makes for perfect growing conditions – producing the world’s best kiwifruit, avocados, citrus and Mānuka honey.

We invite you to discover our special place’s stories, magic, and positive energy. The time you spend here will leave you invigorated and restored with lasting memories of our stunning natural landscapes and our climate and people’s warmth.

Bay of Plenty – Sure to make you smile.

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