Hawke’s Bay

Explore & discover Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand’s Food and Wine Country.

Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

Te Matau-a-Māui, Hawke’s Bay has a wealth of natural attractions.

We know a country where the food is bountiful and the wine is beautiful. Where the skies are big because horizons are wide and the warm gentle landscape stretches out forever. Visitors love getting outdoors in Hawke’s Bay. Whether it be a walk-up Te Mata Peak, an adrenaline-filled rafting trip down the Mohaka River, or perhaps a lazy day at Waimarama Beach, the diversity of our outdoor experiences means there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Hawke's Bay New Zealand
Hawke's Bay New Zealand

From Mahia in the north to Porangahau in the south, Hawke’s Bay’s 360 kilometres of coastline and beaches hugs the vast Pacific Ocean.

Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.

Embracing this land of plenty, the region has emerged as one of the country’s most desirable culinary destinations, headed by an enviable stable of leading winemakers, chefs and purveyors.

“Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.”

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In Maori mythology, the formation of Hawke’s Bay’s geography is found in the story of Maui,the most of the Maori gods, who hauled up the North Island while out fishing one day with his brothers.

Annoyed by the favouritism shown to Maui by the other gods, the brothers tried to sabotage his fishing efforts by refusing him a fishhook or some bait. But the resourceful Maui produced his own hook, made from the jawbone of his grandmother. He punched himself in the nose, coated his hook with the blood that flowed, and cast it into the depths where it was soon taken by something very large.

After heaving the North Island to the surface, Maui’s hook was instantly transformed into the cape that forms the southernmost tip of Hawke Bay – otherwise known as Cape Kidnappers. Viewed from above, you can still see its hooked shape, which is why Hawke’s Bay is sometimes referred to as ‘Te Matau a Maui’ – The Fishhook of Maui.

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