Winter scene in the snow, Queenstown. New Zealand.

Welcome to Queenstown, Home of Adventure.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Tāhuna Queenstown, New Zealand.

Throughout its history, Queenstown has drawn many adventurers. From the early Māori and gold miners who carved their way through the most unforgiving corners of our land to outdoorsmen who seek thrills in our backcountry and tourism pioneers who have turned their passions into an enterprise. Our place has fuelled imaginations and inspired many to explore. Now, we invite the world to share in our adventurous spirit. 


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Queenstown Gondola

travels 480 metres high above Queenstown to the Skyline complex which gives you spectacular panorama views of Queenstown

TSS Earnslaw, Queenstown

This steamship is one of the world’s oldest & largest remaining coal-fired steamships and has sailed Lake Wakatipu since 1912.

Queenstown is the perfect winter base to hit the slopes of Coronet Peak, The Remarkables, Cardrona and Treble Cone. The four ski areas feature different terrain and experiences, it’s worth visiting them all!

“Queenstown, New Zealand.”

The legend of Lake Whakatipu

Our story begins long ago with two young lovers, the warrior Matakauri, and Manata, the beautiful daughter of a Māori chief who forbade them to marry. One dark night, the terrible taniwha Matau stole Manata and hid her away in his mountain lair. 

Completely distraught, Manata’s father declared that the warrior who was brave enough to rescue her, could marry her. The young warrior Matakauri accepted this challenge. He waited until the giant slept and tried to free Manata. The ropes were too strong, but she started to cry, her tears melted away the ropes, and Matakauri could take her back to safety. 

Later, Matakauri set fire to Matau while he slept to ensure that never again would the giant terrorise our people. The sleeping giant’s body burnt so fiercely that it created a vast hole in the earth. The mountain snow melted in the heat, and water poured in to form Lake Whakatipu. 

Matau’s heart sank to the bottom of the lake, where it beats to this day, causing the rise and fall of the tides. Some believe the giant’s heartbeat echoes summoning adventurers to the challenge of Tāhuna – Queenstown. 

This is the heartbeat of Queenstown.

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