For those who want to get off the beaten track, Southland is the ideal place to visit.

Southland, New Zealand

Southland (Murihiku), New Zealand

One of the largest regions in New Zealand, Southland’s vast array of lakes, rivers, mountains and open plains make it a place of incomparable and unique beauty. Its rugged coastline, stretching a staggering 3,400 kilometres is one of Southland’s most treasured assets. Mostly free of development and home to countless species of native wildlife, it invites visitors back to nature in tranquil surroundings.


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Bill Richardson Transport World

Bill Richardson Transport World is a vintage vehicle museum home to New Zealand’s largest collection of vintage automobiles and trucks.

Waipapa Point, Southland

Waipapa Point is a rocky promontory on the south coast of Foveaux Strait, the South Island of New Zealand.

Nugget Point, Southland

Discovering Nugget Point & Tokatā lighthouse, Southland, New Zealand Tokatā lighthouse at Nugget Point, Southland reveals itself perched up high…

Although visitors traditionally come to Southland for its landscape, they stay for its people

“Southland, New Zealand.”

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Invercargill & Bluff

As New Zealand’s southernmost city (and the southernmost city in the world!), Invercargill is fondly referred to as the ‘City of Water and Light’ due to its long summer daylight hours and frequent appearances of the magical Aurora Australis. You might be surprised at how much Invercargill has to offer, it’s easy to fill an action-packed day or two – as the town is somewhat of a homage to motoring legends. For lovers of seafood, you can’t miss visiting the port town of Bluff – home of the famous Bluff oysters. Grown in the deep icy waters of the Foveaux Strait, they are highly sought after worldwide!

The catlins

Considered by many New Zealanders as a must-visit, The Catlins is a stunning coastal stretch between Invercargill and Balclutha of rugged beauty reminiscent of a bygone era. Here you’ll find a place full of native forests, cascading waterfalls, secret lakes and bays and deserted sandy beaches. From picturesque lighthouses to a petrified forest, this area is home to bountiful fauna such as seals, sea lions, hector’s dolphins, yellow-eyed penguins and more! The area’s natural landscapes and extraordinary wildlife is a sight to see!

Stewart Island

Adventures can still be had right here in Southland by visiting Rakiura/Stewart Island. The island is as close as you can get before heading into Sub Antarctic waters and you can get here either by plane or ferry. This is no sleepy, seaside town but a place of adventure, endurance and spirited personalities. Rakiura means “Glowing Skies” and no surprise the experience of watching the sunrise and set over Halfmoon Bay is very special.

All for you in Southland.

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