West Coast

Take the time to enjoy the people you meet along the way – for true hospitality you can’t go past a Coaster.

West Coast New Zealand.

Explore West Coast, New Zealand.

West Coast, New Zealand. You can expect things to be different on the West Coast – more real, bigger, much greater than you thought. From the highest of mountains, stunning coastal scenery to abundant rainforests and absolutely everything in between. The world’s most accessible glaciers, a UNESCO Heritage area, natural arches big enough to park a truck in, New Zealand’s West Coast has so much to offer.

Hokitika Gorge - West Coast, New Zealand
West Coast, New Zealand

Nature also carved dramatic glacial valleys to form two of the world’s most unique and accessible glaciers.

West Coast, New Zealand.

Be prepared to be astounded! This is New Zealand’s West Coast.

“This is the Untamed, Natural, Wilderness.”

For about 20 million years, give or take…

Discover an abundance of nature so astounding, it’ll leave an impression for years to come. Discover Nikau palms and semi-tropical fruit trees in the north to temperate rainforests in the south. In between are wild coastlines, deserted beaches, and dense forests of giant trees, ferns, and mosses all waiting to be explored. Share this lush forest with an abundance of birdlife. Get up close and personal with kea who make a beeline for your shiniest possessions, weka that takes off with your lunch if you turn your back for a second, and rare kiwi only the very lucky ever get to see or hear.

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