Mt Olympus

Ski Mt Olympus, New Zealand

Ski the playground of the Gods

Mt Olympus Ski Area

Mt Olympus is named for the 2096 metre (6880 foot) peak over the ski area.  Below it, the four high-capacity rope tows access 60 hectares of skiable terrain with plenty more available within a short hike from the lifts.

Mt Olympus Ski field, New Zealand

Situated at 1620 metres (5315 feet) above sea level, the Top Hut is probably the highest accommodation in New Zealand. 

Mt Olympus Ski field, New Zealand

Mt Olympus ski area is set in a high, south-facing basin

Shaped a bit like a baseball mitt, it is an ideal aspect for catching the big southerly powder dumps that give the Canterbury region its reputation for having the biggest and most consistent annual snowfall in New Zealand – over 4.5 metres (that’s nearly 15 feet)! 

Mountain Info

Elevation at the base of the Access Tow: 1430m
Elevation of the Top Hut: 1640m
Elevation at the top of the Top Tow: 1880m

Lift Accessed Vertical Drop: 450m
Hike Accessed Vertical Drop: Up to 1050m in a good year
Aspect: Southerly
Annual Snowfall: 4.5m

10% Beginner
55% Intermediate
35% Advanced

Mt Olympus Ski field, New Zealand

Mt Olympus Trail Map

Trail Map

Mt Olympus is a friendly club field in the South Island of New Zealand, where skiers and boarders can enjoy both off-piste skiing and riding after fresh powder. The Ski Area has four high-capacity rope tows. These tows are electrically driven and run at between 4 and 6 metres per second.  Our lifts are the Access Tow, the Main Tow, the Top Tow, and the Learners’ Tow which are situated in full view of the Top Hut.

Mt Olympus has a proud groomer-free zone, where skiing is all about embracing what Mother Nature gives us, and making the most of it. When it’s on, it’s REALLY on.

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